Sabtu, 12 Februari 2011

Solder Lukey 936 A , Original, bergaransi

Solder Lukey 936 A , Original

Panas bisa disesuaikan
Kuat dan kokoh,
Dilengkapi tombol On/Off
Garansi 3 bulan

Evdo Modem (kompatibel dengan SMART)

CDMA 1X EVDO Rev A USB 3G Date Card
modem evdo 2 band " UNLOCKED "
support "SMART" dan semua jenis kartu cdma(tested flexi,mobi,esia,starone)

belum termasuk sim card dan ongkos kirim
  • Main features:
    • Worldwide roaming and global connectivity with one modem
    • Dual-band: 800/1900MHz
    • Download speed up to 3.1Mbps and upload up to 1.8Mbps
    • Supports Data/ SMS functions
    • Low power consumption
    • Automatically install driver, No CD required
    • Max up to 4G MicroSD memory expansion
    • Two internal antennas, receive dversity
  • Technical specifications:
    • USB: USB2.0 full speed
    • Voltage: 5.0V
    • LED indicator: 1 LED indicates different status
  • Operating system support: Windows®2000, XP, Vista, MAC

Universal Sim Unlock versi Terbaru

Universal SIM

  • Compatible with BB5 & DCT4+ and many others phone models 

  • Works without testpoint, computer, logs etc 

  • Instant unlocking 

  • Safe, secure and cheap key 

  • Unlocks without loosing phone's warranty 

  • Long lasting and durable solution

  • Why Universal SIM:

  • FIRST IN THE WORLD - Click & Unlock is BETTER NOW !!! no need to find the STK menu anymore




  • Changed the way Universal-SIM works! 

  • Added special presets for major phone types 

  • Modified almost everything … 

  • Added quick links buttons for easy usage!

    Universal SIM v2.0 If you have your mobile phone locked, then the simplest way to unlock it is using the Universal SIM. It is very easy, just prepare your SIM card, the Universal SIM and a cutter. Cut your SIM card according to the Universal SIM IC chip. Then place your SIM card together with Universal SIM and put them into your phone. Finaly your phone is unlocked.

    This is the latest version of Universal SIM - in order to perfectly work with iPhone 3G as well with other phones your hardware version must be NEW!!! Diffrences are: thinner FPC ( ~0.2 mm-> ~0.1 mm), thinner IC ( ~0.9 mm -> ~0.65 mm ) , rounded edges like on the following picture

    Phone working and tested with Universal SIM:

  • Alcatel: C550, OT210, OT801 

  • Blackberry: 8700, 8800 

  • Huawei: MT810, T7200, T2000, T868, T5700, C2800, C2606, C2860, 120 

  • LG: U310, U300, U400, KG275, U250, B2050, U880, U890, KG130, KG800, KU580 

  • Lobster: 485 

  • MDA: Compact III 

  • Motorola: A780, Z6, V3i, V575, V600, A780 

  • Nokia: 1208, 1600, 3110c, 2310, 2610, 3250, 3500c, 5200, 5070b, 5300, 5310, 5500, 5610, 6080, 6085, 6070, 6110, 6120c, 6161, 6151, 6120, 6125, 6136, 6280, 6288, 6230, 6300, 6301, 6310i, 6500, 6500s, 6500c, 6822, 7500 Prism, 7373, 7390, E50, E51, E51-1, E60, E60-1, E61-1, E65, E70, E90, E90-1, N70, N72, N73, N76, N80, N81, N82, N93, N95, N95-1, N95 8GB 

  • Sagem: My-150x, My-220x, MyX6-2, W8 

  • Samsung: X150, D600E, F600, P910, i600, Z170, Z240, J600, SC707, F900, Z370, C260, X640, X480, C450, U700, L760, U600, J400, E420, A411, 705, 706, 707, 708, 709, E420 

  • Sharp: 770SH, 904 

  • Sony Ericsson: W200i, K618i, J100, K700, P990i, K770, K510, W200, V630, P1, K800, K550, J220, W300i, W580, K300, W810i, T630, K310, Z310, W660

  • Siemens: A38, S68, C65, A50 

  • SPV: SPV3000, M650 

  • Toshiba: G500, G900, TS705, G900, TS705, 810, 811, 904T, 910T, TS705 

  • Vodafone: V715, 810 

  • ZTE: F150, F851, F850, F256, F252, F151


    Official forum for Universal SIM - page for Universal SIM -
    Very easy update procedure of card - now if new supported models will be available you don't need to buy new card, but just run update utility and by one click update yoru card

    After purchase please tell us with which phone model you would like to use this card. If we do not receive such an information we will send card with standard settings which might not work on your device.

    Complete contains:
    - Universal SIM card
    - invoice

    NOTE: All cards sold by us are preprogrammed and udpated to Universal functions - in case you need to change to different brand you might need to run software and by One Click update your Card, but you must have Smart Card reader (same as in Pkey).